There will be 3 projects and about 7 homework assignments. Assignments must be completed individually and will mix programming and short answer questions. Lab assignments will be graded on completion and correctness, but all test cases will be public. Your two lowest labs scores and two lowest homework scores will be dropped.

[Updated 3/8] Vitamins are due each week, and your two lowest Vitamin scores will be dropped. Each Vitamin will be scored out of 3 points, and full credit (3 out of 3) will be given to any on-time submission that answers at least 3 questions correctly. Most Vitamins have 5 questions. Answering only 1 or 2 questions correctly will earn 1 or 2 points, respectively. Late submissions will not receive credit.

Midterm 1 will be in class on February 28th. Midterm 2 will be in class on April 11th. The final exam will be May 16th from 11:30am - 2:30pm. If you miss a midterm for a pre-approved reason, such as a class conflict or illness, then you won’t make it up, but instead your other midterm and the final exam will be used to compute your overall exam score (out of 50%). If you cannot make the regular final exam time for a pre-approved reason, there will be alternate final exam times.

Graduate Version

The following grading option will be used for students enrolled in the graduate version of the course. Students enrolled in the undergraduate version of the course may opt for the graduate grading scheme, which involves a final project instead of labs and vitamins. All students in Data 100 who complete a final project will be scored under both grading schemes and given the higher of the two scores.

On Time Policy (try not to be late)

No late homeworks, labs, or vitamins will be accepted unless an extension is granted by a staff member. Late projects will be marked off 20% per day late, rounded up to the nearest integer number of days. No project will be accepted more than 5 days late.

Collaboration Policy (don’t cheat)

Data science is a collaborative activity. While you may talk with others about the homework, we ask that you write your solutions individually. If you do discuss the assignments with others please include their names at the top of your notebook. Keep in mind that content from the homework and vitamins will likely be covered on both the midterm and final. We will be following the EECS departmental policy on Academic Honesty, so be sure you are familiar with it.

We Want You to Succeed

If you are feeling overwhelmed, visit our office hours and talk with us. We know college can be stressful and we want to help you succeed!