Office Hours Calendar

In-person office hours are in red, while virtual office hours are in orange. Click on each event to see which GSI and/or tutor is running each office hour time. You should come to these with questions about anything – labs, homeworks, discussions, concepts, etc.

To access in-person office hours, go to the room in the location of the office hour slot you’re planning on attending.

To access virtual office hours, go to our Office Hours Queue. When it’s your turn, you will be given the Zoom link to join.

Instructor office hours with Fernando and Alvin appear in brown. You should come to these with questions about concepts. To access instructor office hours, use the Zoom links posted on Piazza. If you would like to meet with the instructors and none of these times work for you, please reach out to us privately.

Discussion, Lab, and Special Events Calendar

This calendar contains times for

  • live lectures (in green)
  • live discussion sections (in blue)
  • live lab sections (in purple)

Note: All events on this calendar are virtual.