Frequently Asked Questions for Data 100, Summer 2023

Q. What format will Data 100 be taught in for Summer 2023?

A. In keeping with departmental guidelines, Data 100 will be taught fully in-person in Summer 2023. Students are expected to attend in-person, on-campus components of the course to participate in the class.

Q. What are the official prerequisites for this course?

A. The official list of prerequisites is:

  • Data 8.

  • CS 61A, CS 88 or Engineering 7. We strongly recommend either CS 61A or CS 88. Proficiency in Python will be assumed.

  • EE 16A, Math 54 or Stat 89A. This may be satisfied concurrently with Data 100, but we strongly recommend that you finish a linear algebra course before taking Data 100.

Q. Will the official prerequisites be enforced?

A. Yes, the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society (CDSS) enforces all official prerequisites for Data Science courses at Berkeley. Any exceptions to this rule are made on a case-by-case basis by the CDSS advising committee. To request an exception for extraordinary circumstances, fill out the CDSS Enrollment Request form. The Data 100 instructional team has no control over prerequisite enforcement and does not have the ability approve you for any exceptions.

Q. Will lectures be recorded? Is class attendance required?

A. All lectures will be recorded and made available for asynchronous viewing after the live lecture has concluded. Discussion attendance will be required twice each week – you will be given the opportunity to state your preferred discussion times at the start of the summer session, and we will work to assign you to a discussion section that fits your schedule. Synchronous lab attendance is not required. The Midterm and Final Exams will require in-person attendance. The dates of all exams will be finalized closer to the beginning of the summer session.

Q. When will the full schedule of lectures, labs, and discussions be announced?

A. Timings for specific components of the class will be finalized closer to the start of the summer session.

Q. I am applying to the summer session as a Concurrent Enrollment student. When will my request be approved, and how should I keep pace with the class?

A. By campus policy, we must first process the waitlist in its entirety before we can admit Concurrent Enrollment students. While it is likely that all Concurrent Enrollment students will be admitted to the course, we cannot guarantee that every student will be able to enroll. We will make our best effort to process the waitlist and Concurrent Enrollment requests promptly to admit as many students as possible – we appreciate your patience as we finalize this process.

If you are a Concurrent Enrollment student who intends to enroll in Data 100, please begin work on the course as soon as the summer session begins. All lectures and assignments will be available from the course website, even if you are not yet formally enrolled in the class. Concurrent Enrollment students are expected to submit all homework and lab assignments by their stated deadlines.

Q. What textbooks or other resources should students purchase for the course?

A. None! We will provide you with access to JupyterHub, our primary platform for coding and data analysis work. We will also reference a set of free, open-source course notes available here.

Q. Why can’t I find information about the course on bCourses?

A. Data 100 does not use bCourses to organize class resources. Instead, we will post all assignments, lectures, and additional materials to the course site. You will be added to the course Ed forum and Gradescope closer to the start of the summer session.

Q. I am interested in applying for course staff this summer. Where can I learn more?

A. We’re happy to hear you’re interested in joining our team! Staff applications will be posted on the Data 001 Ed and CDSS website when they formally open.

We’re excited to see you in June! We’ll have a great summer of all things data.

Your instructors, Bella and Dominic