Frequently Asked Questions for Spring 2022 Data 100

Data 100 will be taught in hybrid mode for the Spring 2022 semester

  • Lectures will be available in three formats: Live attendance, Zoom simulcast of the live lecture, and a recording of the live lecture posted later.
  • There will be both in-person and online options for discussions, labs and office hours. Most options will be in-person.
  • There will be a midterm. There will very likely also be a final exam, though we may have a project in lieu of a final. There will be an online option for any exam. We may actually do fully online exams. TBD.
  • The above means that time conflicts should not be an issue for anyone.

Q. What are the official prerequisites for this course?

A. The official list of prerequisites is:

  • Data 8.

  • CS 61A or CS88 or Engineering 7. We strongly recommend either CS 61A or CS 88.

  • EE 16A or Math 54 or Stat 89A. This may be satisfied concurrently with Data 100, but we strongly recommend that you finish a linear algebra course before taking Data 100.

Q. Will the official prerequisites be enforced?

A. The official prerequisites are being strictly enforced by CDSS. Decisions on any requests for exceptions to this policy are being made by the CDSS advisors. To request an exception see - do not email instructors about this as we are not making these decisions at all.

Q. I am a graduate student but the system won’t let me enroll in Data 100 due to missing prerequsites, what can I do?

A. Graduate students should use the C200 class code, not C100: C200 has a proper graduate code so you don’t have undergraduate prerequisite issues. There will be some differences in grading and homework, but the main content is the same.

Q. What are my chance of getting into this class if I am a Berkeley student? If I am Concurrent Enrollment?

A. At this time we don’t have enough information to provide advice.

Q. I am a campus student and would like to audit the course, what can I do?

A. Most class materials are available online to all campus students, and you can access the lecture videos, slides, etc. without limit, as well as use the online Data 100 DataHub (our JupyterHub instance for this class).

Note however that the class EdStem, our only other class resource, is reserved for enrolled students and faculty auditors, as homework details and solutions are discussed in that environment.

Q. What is the proctoring policy for exams?


Q. When will the full schedule of labs and discussions be announced?

A. We are still developing the schedule and logistics; we will post a complete version by the first day of class.

Q. Where can I find links to the class textbook and other relevant resources?

A. For now, only the Fa21 page is available: The class resources page has these links, don’t hesitate to make suggestions by filing an issue on the class repository (or even better, propose a new pull request with your additions!). The sp21 page will be coming soon.

Q. Where is the Class EdStem?

A. Link to be posted soon. If your question isn’t answered here, please try EdStem next before emailing the instructors.

Q. I can’t find any information on bCourses, why?

A. We are not using bCourses for anything other than synchronizing access to Gradescope, so as long as you are enrolled in the class, you don’t need anything. All class materials are available online through the website, communications happen on EdStem, and computational work is done on the DataHub.

Q. I would like to make a class-wide announcement about my project/group/initiative/etc.

A. We only allow posts made on EdStem and you must make it yourself, we do not make posts on your behalf. These are our guidelines for EdStem posts from student groups - they must be text-only posts (no videos) where the announcement:

  1. Has to do with teaching or tutoring in a non-commercial setting, or
  2. is directly related to the material in the course, or
  3. is seeking to recruit students to help with the public good in a non-financial way (no solicitations for donations!), and in a context explicitly connected to their work in the course.

We’re excited to have you in the class this fall!

Lisa, Josh, and the rest of your Spring 2022 instructional team.