Table of contents

  1. Grading
  2. Late Policy
  3. Exam Makeup Policy
  4. Collaboration Policy (don’t cheat)
  5. We Want You to Succeed


Undergraduate Grading Scheme Graduate Grading Scheme
20% Homeworks
10% Labs
5% Vitamins
25% Projects (10% Project 1, 15% Project 2)
10% Checkpoint
30% Final
20% Homeworks
5% Labs
20% Projects (7.5% Project 1, 12.5% Project 2)
15% Final Project
10% Checkpoint
30% Final
  • Homeworks: Homeworks are usually assigned weekly (see Projects below). They must be completed individually and will mix programming and short-answer questions. Your two lowest homework scores will be dropped. Homeworks have both visible and hidden autograder tests. The visible tests are mainly sanity checks, e.g. a probability is <= 1, and are visible to students while they do the assignment. The hidden tests generally check for correctness, and are invisible to students while they are doing the assignment.
  • Labs: Labs are weekly assignments that complement the homeworks. All lab autograder tests are visible. Your three lowest lab scores will be dropped.
  • Vitamins (undergrad only): Vitamins are weekly short assignments to check that you are keeping up with lectures. Vitamins should take fewer than 10 minutes to complete. Your two lowest vitamin scores will be dropped.
  • Projects: Projects are two-week long assignments that synthesize multiple topics.
  • Midterms: There will be one midterm on Monday, March 9th, from 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm. See Piazza for more details.
  • Final: The final exam is required, and will be on Wednesday, May 13th, 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, exam group 10.
  • Undergrad vs. grad: All students enrolled in the graduate version of the course (CS C200A) will be graded according to the graduate grading scheme. Students enrolled in the undergraduate version of the course (CS C100) will be graded according to the undergraduate grading scheme.

Late Policy

All assignments are due at 11:59 pm on the due date specified on the syllabus. There will be a short submission grace period to accommodate last-minute submission issues.

Exam Makeup Policy

We will have alternate exams for people with academic conflicts. Alternate exams will tentatively be held on the same day as the regular exam. Details to be announced.

Homeworks, labs, and vitamins will not be accepted late.

Projects are marked down by 10% per day, up to two days. After two days, project submissions will not be accepted.

Collaboration Policy (don’t cheat)

Data science is a collaborative activity. While you may talk with others about the homework, we ask that you write your solutions individually in your own words. If you do discuss the assignments with others please include their names at the top of your notebook. Keep in mind that content from the homework and vitamins will likely be covered on both the midterm and final. We will be following the EECS departmental policy on Academic Honesty, so be sure you are familiar with it.

We Want You to Succeed

If you are feeling overwhelmed, visit our office hours and talk with us. We know college can be stressful and we want to help you succeed!